Love Food, Hate Waste

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Food is something that unites. It’s something that is lovingly grown and nurtured for months before it arrives in our shops. It’s a social activity, a comfort, an essential, and a luxury. And yet in UK households we waste 6.5 million tonnes of it every year, 4.5 million of which is edible.

We’re not talking egg shells or chicken bones... we mean the last few bites from your plate that you couldn’t quite manage, or your bread crusts, or potato peelings – all stuff which could have been transformed into something delicious. That’s 90 Royal Albert Halls worth. It's costing us £13.5bn a year and has a significant impact on the environment too.

  • If everyone in the UK stopped wasting food at home for just one day, it would have the same impact on greenhouse gasses as planting half a million trees.
  • 0.9 million bananas are wasted in UK homes every day.
  • It takes 65 billion litres of water to grow the potatoes we waste at home every year.

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste Website to find out about

  • About food waste
  • Portion and Plan
  • Recipes
  • Save time and money
  • Storage

On campus we segregate food waste in the majority of our retail and all our catering operations as well as providing the opportunity for students to do so in all our on campus halls of residence. This food waste is then sent for anaerobic digestion instead of going to landfill saving both money and the environment.

However we want to reduce our food waste before we recycle it. Check out the video’s on the Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand - videos page for great food saving tips.