Carolyn is a 心理学高级讲师. She graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA in Experimental Psychology in 2009. She moved to 拉夫堡 to complete an MRes (2010) and PhD (2015) in Psychology. Carolyn joined 2017威尼斯登陆网站 as a Lecturer in Psychology in 2015 and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2020. 她讲的是 Psychology undergraduate degree programmes where she teaches on modules relating to personality and individual differences and the psychology of eating behaviour.

Carolyn supervises undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students’ research projects. She is currently an admissions tutor for the 二元同步通信心理学 degree programme and has previously been a member of the School Athena SWAN working group.

卡洛琳博士高原: Under-fuelling athletes put their health at risk

Carolyn’s research focuses on mental health and wellbeing in young people, and specifically in athlete populations. She has particular expertise in disordered eating in athletes (e.g., 识别风险因素, 和轨迹, disordered eating in athletes) and in developing effective tools to support coach and sport practitioners in identifying and managing eating problems in athlete populations. Carolyn’s research to date has focused on unhealthy (compulsive) exercise, 队友的影响, psychoeducation and intervention development, and factors affecting psychological wellbeing and mental health in a variety of elite and developing athlete populations.


  • Understand the risk factors for, 和轨迹 disordered eating
  • The link between unhealthy exercise and disordered eating practices
  • Coach, athlete and parent interactions in the context of disordered eating
  • Teammate, friend and peer influences on eating and exercise behaviours
  • The development of effective tools to support early identification and appropriate management of disordered eating (e.g., for coaches, sports professionals, parents and athletes).
  • 运动员心理健康和福祉
  • Technology, eating and exercise behaviour (e.g.,健身追踪设备).

Carolyn is proactive in ensuring that her research is shared with people who will benefit. She has received funding from MICRA (Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of 研究 Accelerator) to develop a new, evidence based CPD course for coaches and sports professionals to learn more about disordered eating and eating disorders in sport. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 或直接联络卡罗琳( 该课程由CPD-UK认证.

  • Invited contributor to the 国际 Olympic Committee 运动员心理健康文凭.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016 to present).
  • Regular reviewer for a wide range of academic journals including: Appetite, 欧洲饮食失调评论, international Journal of Eating Disorders, 饮食行为, 运动与锻炼心理学, 运动科学杂志, 应用运动心理学杂志.  
  • Editorial board member for Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention
  • 外部审查员(博士)
  • 贡献者的电视, radio and online media including BBC East Midlands, BBC广播莱斯特, 谈话, 体育播客专家, and the 国际 Olympic Committee.

Have a listen to Carolyn’s recent appearance on the 2017威尼斯登陆网站’s 体育播客专家, 名为“Disordered eating - just how common is it in elite level sport?'


Carolyn has authored over 25 journal articles and book chapters. 最近的例子包括:


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Carolyn’s online CPD course for coaches and sports professionals around disordered eating in sport is now available. This is ideal for professionals wishing to find out more about identifying and supporting athletes who present with disordered eating. 请访问 运动员饮食失调网站 如需更多资料,请 卡洛琳联系 直接.